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children's books

Many of the books I've illustrated have been in the Hawaiian language, or bilingual Hawaiian-English, aimed at pre- and grade-school level kids. It's been a great adventure for me, learning so much about the history, culture, legends, flora and fauna of the islands. I'm happy that my pictures are playing a part in the renaissance of Hawaiian language and culture that is going on, bringing stories old and new to life for the keiki (kids).



commercial / scientific / miscellaneous

I do illustrations for all purposes. Business, science, education, animation backgrounds, announcements, advertisements, whatever. My style is adaptable to your particular needs.

a word about technique…

Most of my illustrations are done in this way: I sketch the image outlines on paper, ink the sketch (usually with brush and ink; sometimes with marker or pencil), scan the black and white inked image into the computer. All the color is then digitally added in Photoshop. So the complete “originals” of these images exist as computer files; they can only be turned into tangible form using digital printers.

located on the Big Island of Hawai’i

ph. 808.896.8015


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