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Spirit dogs

This monotype print shows the sweet potato field across the road from my house. Farmers are growing the purple kind sweet potatos there. The rows aren't usually so pristine, but they were for a short time. At the back center of the rows is a big stand of banana trees, and to both sides, sugar cane, in flower. Before we moved here, almost all the land along this coast was sugar plantation property. Most of the cane is gone now (as are the companies, all moved offshore to cheaper labor locales) but there is still cane growing along roadsides and gulches.

The two dogs running past the banana trees are my sweetheart pups toby and nellie, both now moved on to the other world. Not that they exactly looked like this (nellie was white, toby dark brown), but their spirits are there, running free like they loved to when they managed to escape the confines of fenced yard and house. I miss them every day. I hope they are running free in doggie heaven, happy and hunting mongoose to their hearts' content.

I have no idea how often i will write in this blog; first time and we shall see. When I was a little girl, my oldest sister had a kind of secret language, really code words for different types of people. The "blogs" were not exactly bad guys, but conformists with shallow, materialistic values and vulgar tastes. Not what it means today, I know, but I can never hear the word without thinking of this. Times change.

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