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Disappearing seas, creeping change

Adding the watercolor crayon drawing on the right to my site today, I was remembering an earlier painting I'd done of part of that same scene. Back @ 2001 when I did the oil painting on the left, that was the view from my house. 10 or 11 years later when I made the drawing, this is what it looked like (or at least, the approximate area outlined in red on the painting did). The kind of scraggly-looking tree popping up into the sky at the left of the painting turned into the monster African Tulip tree flowering in the drawing, and other trees in the background also got bigger. Our swatch of ocean view vanished. But you don't think of these things as they occur so gradually, bit by bit over time; only later you realize with a jolt what has happened. I guess there is some metaphor for human life and consciousness in general here.

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